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All About Me
Gwen Baker-Yuill

I have a diverse background in teaching, sculpting, project management, online curriculum development, website design and small business ownership. Recently, I began the journey towards becoming a certified personal development coach and felt immediately that I was doing the work that I was built to do. This is my new awareness.


I want to help others get that same feeling of "the right journey at the right time." I have many tools to guide you through your challenges and struggles: active inquiry, building personal change statements, metaphor and story as teachers, incorporating the insights of the Enneagram, and more. I am a certified Enneagram Coach and trained in working with businesses, teams, and individuals. We can explore together as you face changes in your life or when you are feeling stuck and need a fresh approach to find joy where you are. You may be a business owner who knows your staff is feeling disconnected with each other and their sense of meaning and purpose. You may be a team leader who wants to optimize team building from the very start. These are all areas I can guide you through and help produce powerful and lasting results.


Call for a free consultation and, together, we can find the right solution for you!

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